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A twist on a fairytale (No title as of yet)

I am still trying to consider how to end this and I am fleshing the story out in the meantime. I've been influenced by a couple of books I've read from their interpretation of fairytales.

Our paladin has finally defeated the dragon with the blade he has claimed from this dangerous tower. He walks to the sleeping maiden to awaken her. She wakens at his presence only she is no damsel in distress. She transforms into a wicked witch/spirit and to the Paladin’s realisation he has unleashed hell on this planet. He finds out the dragon was a peace keeper that guarded this forsaken evil. Over time this has turned into a fairy tale myth where knights in armour compete to save the fair lady taken hostage at the top of the tower for a fine reward. The paladin’s mistake causes many deaths and suffering, but how will he correct this?

Extended (Still needs to develop an ending)

Once upon a time there was a myth of a tall daunting tower that holds prison a young princess in which an intimidating white dragon guards day and night. The only way to defeat this dragon is by claiming the legendary ivory sword hidden away in one of the tower’s many rooms. It was said there was a promise of a handsome reward of the princess’ hand in marriage where the young hero would become King and have access to many of the royalty’s riches.


Everyday young knights heeded straight into danger to never be seen again. Each year villages would pray for their spirits to rest in peace and over time people began to lose faith that the dragon would ever be slain or that the princess would ever be rescued.


Until one day a young and courageous Paladin that lived in a local village stepped foot inside the tower. Avoiding the traps and the dragon’s wrath, he found the legendary ivory sword rested in a small unassuming room. With the legendary ivory sword the young Paladin approached the white dragon. To his surprise, the dragon spoke to him, warning him to leave if he values his life or those of his loved ones. The young paladin did not move. With that, the Paladin and the dragon began to battle fiercely. Both grew wounded but the young Paladin was clever and agile. With a quick swoop, he gave a final slash at the dragon that quickly fell. The dragon gave a grizzly croak and stared at the young Paladin with resentment before finally all life disappeared from his eyes. With the young Paladin’s victory at hand he gave a sigh of relief and slowly made his way to the young princess’ chambers.


There he saw the young princess ever so beautiful lay restfully on her bed. The young Paladin removed his helmet and leaned over to kiss the princess awake. As he drew closer to his horror he realised the princess’ beauty quickly melted away into a distorted and ugly figure. He staggered away as this creature rose giggling wickedly. She thanked the young Paladin for slaying the white dragon that had kept her locked away and as a reward for his efforts she would kill everyone he ever loved. As quickly as she had finished speaking, she flew past the young Paladin and disappeared. The sky grew dark with an unnatural and menacing colour. The young Paladin had no time to reassess his situation and hastily made his way out of the tower.


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