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A trip to vector Japan

For this exercise I decided to go with this really cool Japanese Railways poster.

I'd say i'm fairly experienced with vector in general, but i've never worked in Illustrator before so this was my very first project.

Now then, the first thing i did was make a custom swatch, which i tweaked as i went on to get as close to original colors as possible.

1.The first actual step was making a background.

The "glow" on the horizon was made with the mesh tool.

2. Second step was making the outline of the building.

Now, for the fences on the left side of the building i went with the long, stupid and innacurate route, because i hadn't thought it through. What i did was cut out the negative space with objects, rather the make the fence itself with objects, which would result in a much more accurate result, geometry wise.

3. Next step is what I, a complete layman in Japanese architecture, would call a "facade".

This part was done with a path and a dotted stroke applied to it.

4. Now, the rest of the building.

Seeing how the original image doesn’t have high enough resolution to make out all the details, I had to google for reference images and then apply some imagination.

Firstly I recreated the panel and then “inserted” it into the building.

Then, with some minor skewing and resizing taking place, I put the rest of the panels in their places.

Now for the right side of building I went with the smart and efficient way of doing things and recreated the fence itself with objects, rather than the negative spaces.

Once again, applying some minor editing, I put the rest of the fences in their places.

5. Now, the antenna thingy.

6. Next step is the tree and lots and lots of flowers on it. It’s blob brush gone wild, pretty much.

Now, the flowers themselves.

7. And finally, after arranging all the flowers, i add the border and the text.

And here's the comparison shot:

And that's that. I'm pretty happy with the end result and with how much i've learned through this process.


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