A sustainable valentine´s day

A sustainable valentine´s day - student project
  1. Share your article. http://greenstories.com.mx/2019/02/13/un-san-valentin-sustentable/
  2. Bonus: Strategy notes. Use the prompts in the videos lessons to show how you're getting strategic about crafting your content. Here are notes for reference:
    1. Share the articles ideas your came up with at the end of lesson 5.
    2. List the six different headlines you came up with at the end of lesson 7. 1.A sustainable valentine´s day / 2. An ecofriendly Valentine´s Day / 3. how to have a sustainable valentine´s day
    3. Share your introduction and a brief explainer on why you chose the introduction type you went with: Valentine´s Day, the perfect excuse to celebrate in a sustainable way with your love ones. (I wanted it to be short and that you wanted to continue reading if you were interested in how to do it)
    4. List 3 ways you could repurpose your content

I put some pictures with the examples i made.

The ideas can be used for other celebrations such birthdays, christmas, etc.