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A sunday no-hurry breakfast

First of all, sorry for my english, its no so good and a little rude, but i hope you could understand me.

My morning routine is usually the same, so fast because i prefer to spend 5 minutes more in the bed so im allways be on hurry, except on sundays, then im take my time.

First of all, i feed my cat Elvis, and later its my turn.

open the electric toaster and put a toast inside. This morning i've take this photo of the insider of the electric toaster, with my bread inside and the fire of the filaments of the electric toaster burn it. 

Later take the butter of the fridge, a little of caramel sugar and here is my toast

And the last two pictures, are some breakfast of the last weekend.

All the photos are taken with my Iphone 5, i used snapseed , tune imagen on brightness, Details for the estructure and later i used vscocam S3 +5, HB1 +4, HB2 +3 and T1 +1

Thanks and hope you like them


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