A stroll to start the year

A stroll to start the year - student project

Ever come into a project with a thousand half-baked ideas, which reduces to a hundred potential, a dozen drafts and 1 single notion. A notion that you then abruptly reject two hours after starting?

That was my story until this afternoon. I originally wanted to mix a map of knowledge inside my firm (I am the head of education) along with a metro line of expertise and a geographical spread across our various offices. Got stuck on that one. Then I lurched to a graphical guide for babysitters; listing all of my daughter's activities and their likely destination (if she makes a move for mega-blocks we know we will end up with lego, via a jigsaw and/or a trainset). 

That too is proving tough to bloom. However whilst looking at her toy taxicab colours, I happened back into recollections of our first foray of the year. A day - a long, long day - of urban wandering in NYC along the Highline. I remembered that our expectations were unspecific but the outcome spectacular; views, atmosphere, lunch and looking. It just came together. A one off.

Mixing that with my adoration for metro maps (we all have a little of that?) I was able to shortcut creativity and re-use the Vignelli map of NYC. Afterall, my reasoning goes, when it was in its infancy so was I. Now both of us are older, equally loathed and loved and generally kept out of sight.

My conversion will, I hope, be the start of capturing great days out. Days for her to review step by step, by sight or by highlight for years to come. A map of memories no less.

Comments please.

A stroll to start the year - image 1 - student project


Done in Illustrator. Screenshot of the locality, then paths over the top for roads made into a compound. Another stroke for the route, then split into two and different stroke patterns applied.

All Helvetica with tight tracking.

Philip FitzGerald

Global Training Manager