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A story about a story

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to read of magical adventures in different worlds. Her favorite book was about a garden where if you touch something with your fingertips, for a day part of you would transform into an aspect of what you touched. If you touched a tree your legs might become a Treebranch, if you touched a flower your hair might turn into flower petals. One time Maggie, the main character in the story, touched a carrot and was stuck in the ground for a whole day!

the girl read the story every night and always fell asleep at the part where Maggie's toe becomes an acorn and a squirrel keeps trying to nibble at it. this always made her giggle, as she imagined how tickley that would be.

Until one day...

 she decided to read for a few more pages. And When she reached a scary part, Where Maggie had grown the feet of a rabbit and a big dog was chasing her, the girl flipped ahead (as she usually did) to find out what happens next. Maggie was still running from the dog.  She flipped and flipped and flipped, and Maggie and the dog kept circling and circling and circling.

Because of this...

The girl became scared for her bedtime friend, and tried to change the story by wishing, even putting on a pair of red slippers and clicking her heels - but nothing changed. Unsure what else to do, she crawled out of bed and grabbed some pencil crayons,  and drew the dog onto a leash and the girl safely in her garden giggling and touching her rabbit ears. 

With a sigh of relief she started to sit down on what she thought was her bed, and fell to the ground.. Her   bed and room was nowhere to be seen, and she lay in the magical garden, pencil crayons and a blank book beside her.

At first she thought this was very exciting and she explored the garden, being careful not to touch anything with her fingertips. But when night  started to fall, She reached down for her pencil crayons, ready to draw herself back home. A bird snatched them from her hands and flew away. 

Because  of this...

She stood absolutely still, as if not wanting to alert anything frightening of her presence. A spiky plant with the sillouette of a monster creaked. 

When she saw some rabbit ears popping up and down behind a patch of sunflowers, She bolted and ran as fast as she could in that direction. When she reached Maggie, she told her everything startEd to cry.

Maggie told her to Touch something, because the garden magic was always helpful in someway.

 The girl was hesitant, and brought up the frightening dog...

Maggie smiled. The Rabbit feet know just where to run and the dog always tires before I do. And if he doesn't get a good run at least once a week he starts to harass the chickens!

The girl laughed, and the garden seemed a little bit brighter again. She hesitantly picked up an acorn and looked down at her toes.

Does it take some time, she asks? 

maggie points at the girls acorn Nose. 

The Girls frowns.

A squirrel jumps onto her  head and gets its little feet tangled in her hair.

She starts to cry again, thinking surely she was stuck in this unusual garden forever. 

Until ....


She  looked around and she couldn't see anybody.

Hello. I am here behind you.

All that I see is a tree!

Yes it's me the tree. You looked unfamiliar, and then I saw that lovely acorn and I wondered how I never had met you before?

The girl told the tree her story and the tree listened thoughtfully.

I think I can help you. But it will have to wait until tomorrow. 

The exhausted girl fell asleep leaning her back against the reassuring tree, with her hands tucked into

her lap.

In the morning the tree told her to touch The red colored rock that lay at its base. She did. And her fingernails grew long and then turned into red rock.

This is terrible, said the girl. her hands felt so heavy that it was hard to lift them up from her sides.

Then she took a few steps,  lost her balance and fell into a puddle. as she was trying to pick herself up  she noticed that her wet fingernails were leaving red markings on everything that she touched.

She smiled wide, thanked the tree, then ran to get the book with blank pages. Maggie brought over a pot of water and the girl  drew herself back into her bedroom. She tucked herself into her familiar bed, and quickly fell into a deep sleep.

And from that day on..

she continued reading at bedtime, but instead of reading the same part of the same book over and over she read chapter after chapter of book after book. she read straight  through happy parts and scary parts, curious about all the possibilities and surprising twists, knowing that she (and the characters) would always be okay.



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