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A snapshot of my day

Finally, after so many days of waiting, here is a trimmed down list of things that happen in my not-so-superhero-like ordinary life in almost a fixed repetitive pattern. In case you are unable to read my handwriting, you may see what I do on an average day below:

  1. Wake up to my Galaxy Note 2 alarm
  2. Drink 2 - 3 glasses of water
  3. Shower
  4. Make breakfast
  5. Dressup for work
  6. Drive to work (in my GMC Sierra Denali)
  7. Eat breakfast
  8. Check email, new job orders
  9. Brainstorming or designing
  10. Eat lunch
  11. Noon prayer in the mosque
  12. Discussion with colleagues
  13. Workout at gym
  14. Post-workout protein shake
  15. Drive back home
  16. Dinner
  17. Have tea and browse the internet
  18. Work on freelance projects
  19. Watch movie, read books, tech blogs, news or read comics
  20. Go to bed

Well, there it is. Now the fun part begins. 


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