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A smooth Sea...

Step 1 was to find a quote or short saying  10 words or less that was recommended and as I was working on it I'm glad that suggestion was made. This is my first handlettered project so please enjoy my process and leave some feedback. As you can see below I was also playing around with different pens I had. Also as I was going through my thumbs I had marked off some words that were not as important than others to my drawing.

Next we were to find some inspiration, pinterest is my main source of finding inspiration since my bookshelves need some miracle grow watered on them.

Next we chose a specific word from the phrase to tryout some different ways of drawing it then take one we had trouble on to refine it.

After we feeling comfortable with it it was time to do some thumbnails for positioning. This is one of my favorite parts because you can see the idea grow with each thumbnail.

Once satisfied with the thumbnails it was on to rough sketching, unfortunately my doodle book was to small so I had to recreate it again in my larger book.

Larger sketch...

After i was happy with the overall look I used tracing paper to make other changes.

I then went on to ink in the details which is a little messy...

This was where this class ended, but I went on to take the second class where we took our sketch into Illustrator and Photoshop to do some detail work. Below was my inked sketch after being cleaned up in Photoshop.

I created my own texture mainly for the background since most of my words had a texture or feel to them already drawn in. This second half might also feel a bit rushed to some cause it does to me a bit. I used a black ink pad, inking pens, a pencil and i dripped tea on it to try and get some wet dried look to work but that was not successful so more tampering will be done next time.

Once my texture was adjusted correctly I added some drop shadows giving my piece a 3D type paper look.

Thanks again for viewing my process, any and all feedback/critique will be appreciated! If you want to see more of my work please visit my website at: aliciahuntgraphics.com


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