A skillshare class that had little editing, but still looks great

A skillshare class that had little editing, but still looks great - student project

I'm still working on speeding up my editing process, but now I try and make my videos all in one take. I used to script and spend

I used to script and spend agggeessss editing my videos. Now I have a lot less editing, which is great, it saves me a ton of time! 

My next step is to have the audio sounding great before I record. I am going to do this by getting a new vocal preamp that has all different effects built in and then have this going to my audio interface, ready to record!

This will allow me to have great sounding audio that I will not need to mix by exporting the audio to a digital audio workstation and then export it back into Screenflow screen capture software (which is my current process). 

It has been a combination of getting more comfortable on camera which allows me to create my videos in one take and also getting more and better equipment that allows me to have more of a minimal editing process that still has great results.

Below is a link to my latest course that uses my current techniques discussed above


Tomas George
Music + Audio Production Instructor