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Lily Alieva

Marketing Creative Manager



A sketchbook for a fresh student of one of the most famous design schools

Hello everybody,

my bookbinding project is a present to my son who has recently been accepted by a famous design school in Lausanne  which is called ECAL. I am a designer myself and a very proud mom now - since many years we were great friends with my son and now it is time for him to leave the mom's nest and to start his own life. It is a sad moment for me, but also an important one for him, and of course I will support him as much as I can!


Yesterday we went together to a DIY store and I asked his opinion about different sorts of thick papers I have found there - he did not know the paper is going to become a cover for his sketchbook ) So we have chosen the parsley paper together.


 have finalized the project today and gave the sketchbook to him, wishing all the best in his future career. I have also written a couple of words to wish him all the best.

Our cat was glad to participate in the project - she and our dog will stay with me when my sons moves closer to his school in Lausanne and we will miss him enormously...


Well, this is my project and my story. Simple and usual. And I thank you all for the inspiration and Caleb for the wonderfull class which allows us to stay in contact with the ones we love!

Best regards and warm wishes to all creative folks here at Skillshare,


Neuchâtel, Switzerland 


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