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Weixi Zeng

Student @ SVA



A sign for NYC's Ktown!

Hi All! A while ago I made a snapchat geofilter design for NYC's Korea Town, the concept I had back then was using neon sign to represent Koreatown's vibrant nightlife. This class offered me a great opportunity to bring that sign design to life!

This is what I have in illustrator:



After a 32bit light show, everything looked way more awesome!


Then I proceed to animate! I defenetly like the traditional approach more but I still experimented a bit with 3D, it's fun as well!

One trick I discovered while playing with offset in trimpath is that if you crank up the offset number a lot it will give the motion a expanding+flickering look which I think is really unique! (I used them on the sign's outlines and the taegok symbol on the bottom right)

I also utilitzed color control in a bit different way: I animated the main type changing colors using that, color control is such a handy feature!

the 3D try:

Loved this class and how informative it is! Thanks so much Jake for offering so many tips and tricks on lights in AE! This will help me a lot in my future projects!


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