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Aimee Hossler

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A shower curtain requires a quiet, yet complimentary roommate

09.04.13 Part 1: Sketching QUIET

I redecorated my bathroom and have been looking for the right piece of art to go in it. I actually have the perfect frame which is usually the opposite when adding new artwork to a home. While finding nothing I liked, I realized I could make something myself... I am a graphic designer so why not! Thanks to this class, I now have the motivation to get it done rather than put it off.

Using the word QUIET, I came up with keywords to write down and then sketch some ideas from. The list was very helpful.

09.09.13 Part 2: Color Scheme

Because I had a room to coordinate this project with, I chose colors that were already picked out for the room. To maintain the "CALM" objective, I didn't want to add any new colors, especially contrasting colors. In Adobe Kuer website (which is great!) I uploaded the pattern of the shower curtain. The colors are not soft or quiet however having the project contain similar colors as the curtain was important in keeping the room looking consistent. Consistency creates harmony and quiet.


I have to decide if I wanto to use the above palette or do a one color in a series of shades like below.


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