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A showdown

Song I like is BomBom (feat. The Teaching) by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.


Song I REALLY do not like is Take It Back by She & Him. 


Things I think of when listening to BomBom:

It's a journey. I feel strength, beatuy and darkness. The progression implies an ascent, as if the song is building on itself while taking you higher and higher. By the time the "fireworks" go off I feel as though I myself am a rising pheonix, with boxer gloves.
The song feels like I just went through some serious BS and I'm fed up, not going to take it anymore. I'm going to overcome and kick the crap out of whatever is in my way. There is a sweet delicacy at the end layered with those deep powerful beats that says to me, I did it. I WON. 

Things I think of when listening to Take it Back:

From the first notes to the first lyrics, the song sounds—off-key. Also - the lyrical content of the song is supposed to be coming from an emotional place but I don't think it translates to the feel of the song. It's a little squeeky, and I don't get how the instrumental supports the lyrics. The melody isn't particually catchy or pretty. The only thing I can say makes sense to me is that the song has an awkwardness like you might feel when a person you admire insults you. Unfortunately I don't think this is the song's intention. It feels like an empty song made just to show off a vocal range. I know this band goes for nostalgia but this doesn't even sound old timey to me.


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