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A sewing pattern project!

Hello Faye!

Thanks for this opportunity, I jumped in as soon as  I saw it!Right now I'm in the middel of launching my new project, a digital sewing pattern company  (a short explanation: the customer buy a file, download it, print on ordinary paper and tape it toghether to get their new sewing pattern. No physical product, yay for me!) 

I have been working on tis project for about 6 months, and I alreaedy have created a logo, a blog, and so on, but it's never wrong to

1: double check and get some feedback,  

and no 2: As the project is launched I will soon get a better idea of who my customer REALLY is, and I know very well that all my ideas might have to change to adapt to reality :)

As I have been working with this for a whlie, I could be pretty quick in following your first steps.I'm very eager to hear what you think, all feedback is very welcome!

(sorry about the typos, I started my dayjob at 6,30 this morning (yes,on a sturday!) and I had a glass of wine with dinner....very sleepy now)



 Ok, I guess you don't see a thing here, not to mention it's mirrored!

Let's scan instead.



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