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A self sufficient garden

I am a beginner gardener living in the city and very much quite lucky to be able to get a plot in a community garden down the street from where I live.  Last year was my first  year at the plot, and attempted to grow a few things.  Did not really know what I was doing.  Hence did not get much if any from there.  So this time I am attempting to approach this season more smartly and prepared.  I have a couple goals, one short term for this temporary community garden plot I have and the other is my ultimate dream garden that hopefully soon will come as soon as we move out of the city.  Hoping that with practice from this small plot that I have now I can manage into incorporating skills into my dream garden 

For a short term goal for that garden I would like to:

-efficiently grow vegetables to feed my family of 3.  Would like to learn how to do an efficient succession planting plan that can go into the fall and have vegetables for pickling and canning.

_growing them using organic and biodynamic practices.

-need to plan a growing plan that is not time intensive.  I work part time and full time mom to a 6 year old.  Whom I also want to be a part of growing the garden.

For my long term visioning of my dream garden: 

I would like to have an organic and biodynamic backyard garden (I dont have that space now, but see it in my future in a couple years) that is maximized to grow vegetables for my family and maybe a small backyard csa.  

I would like to raise chicken for their eggs and  to integrated them into the garden cycle  and raising bees as well and enhance biodiversity.

 I am hoping to have a self contained garden that is interelated with the crop I am growing to the chickens and the bees and the seasons.  

Part 1: As I envision and connect to my dream garden I see beds of vegetables, a fruit tree, bee hives on a bee garden and a lot of birds chirping.  I see chickens roaming free range in the garden.  I smell the fresh smell of the soil and the chickens.  I see my garden attracting biodiversity with a balanced ecosystem.  I see my garden as a place where everyone has a role the chickens, the bees , the soil and me as a homesteader, creating a wheel of life integrating each other.

Part 2:

I see with me in this garden my family of three.  With my six year old actively involved in seeing the garden evolving.  I would like for this homestead garden to provide sufficiency to my family of three.  Maybe selling the honey and eggs and vegetables in abundance in form of a CSA.  

Map of my garden to follow...

Part 3:

Presently in my small plot I could dedicate no more than 3 hours a week as I am also working full time.  Also a beginner gardener I would lean towards putting some money to grow food efficiently in my garden.  From the experience in my current vegetable plot in being able to create an efficient companion and succession planting plan I hope to be able to apply it to  a bigger scale with a few more beds and free roaming chickens in my dream garden in the future, which by then I can see my self devoting to much more hours a week (12+ ) as I can see my self working part time and being more present with my homesteading life.

Part 4:

Drawing of my sign to follow...


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