A scene from an imaginary action fiction book

A scene from an imaginary action fiction book - student project

Megan's lips were burning. There was not enough time to find a mouthpiece, so she breathed air straight from the oxygen tank's valve. She crash-landed a stolen chopper quite close to the Plaza Hotel Stacy and Ruth were hiding with the cast of actors, but too far away to be able to get there holding breath. She was forcing herself to stay positive. She tried checking out as lubriciously as frostbit lips allowed her all the handsome shirtless men from the cast. Their appearances were simply breathtaking, but the smell of the stress induced perspiration and intestinal gas, their fetal positions in which they were sleeping on the red carpet in the hotel's lobby, their shaky snores of stress dreams they were having, combined with the pain in her face gave her no other positive emotion than being reassured that joining a rebel commando in which life in celibacy was one of requirements, was a good decision. Another good decision was wearing goggles this time when flying the chopper.

When Stacy saw that it was Megan who was ringing the buzzer by the entrance, she was happy but she was not at all relieved. One more person to worry about. Also opening the door would allow the corrosive mist to get inside. Even though Stacy closed her eyes and held her breath, the sulfurous taste of outside air soaked into her mouth with the whiff Megan brought with her. They hugged coughing.

Ruth was being torn by the surging premonition of death. Any aspiration she had, that only yesterday was assumed to be probable to come true, was tormenting her in waves of ruminating sunless despair. Her hair turned white overnight, her postured crumbled into a slouch, her nails started to hurt from being bitten almost to the bone.

However, little they knew, they all would very soon become harassers themselves...