A scarf for my cat

A scarf for my cat - student project

I tried knitting once before and it must've been pretty awful, 'cos my mum decided to detangle the piece I made. Well, it was a violet-white melange on two pieces of wool, so I can imagine it must've looked terrible when you add my lack of skill to it.

This time it kinda started from crocheting on a DIY meetup. Then we saw "A Streetcat Named Bob" movie and my fiance suggested that I should make a scarf for my ginger.

I started with going to my mum to take the tools and pieces of wool because there's no point of buying something if my new hobby won't sticks. I ended up with plastic knitting needles, but it wasn't that bad. After a few lines on a dark wool that I decided to use as a testing type because it was not too hairy and I could easily see all the flaws, I got a rainbow wool and decided to knit the scarf using this one.

Unfortunately, I haven't documented the process because it's not really my thing (only my fiance can have a few pics I sent him on the way). But I have the final product pics:

A scarf for my cat - image 1 - student project

A scarf for my cat - image 2 - student project

(I have no idea why this picture wouldn't show vertically...)

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