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A roaring man cave …so not my thing!

We moved into a new house 3 years ago.
I say “new” because it feels like it was just a couple of weeks ago, the “to do’s” list is still overwhelmingly long.

So far, I’ve been doing a pretty decent job at decorating the house with a fair amount of confidence…. at least according to our own laidback standards ;-)
I have managed to create and maintain a reasonable balance between a masculine and a feminine mood, so that the house is a reflection of who we are as a couple.

But our next project will be the basement, a.k.a. the man cave! And man caves are so far out of my league that I need to prepare for this one a little better.

In the first video, we are advised to use white as a backdrop.
I love white and my entire house is painted white inside. However, for the man cave, we would like a dark and rich backdrop and a general dark-rich-masculine mood…which feels totally contra-intuitive to me.  
That is part of the big challenge, since we can’t count on white to play the role of the “binding color”.

Currently all we have is an unfinished basement. A blank canvas that I’m hoping to be able to turn into an inviting space.

This class will hopefully help me put something together that is manly enough for my man and his buddies, but still done with “a visually responsible sense of style”.

Exercise 1
5 pictures of rooms we love.

The man cave will function as a space for watching TV, playing pool and having drinks served from the bar area. It will also have a full bathroom.

With that goal in mind, I collected 5 pictures of rooms with different functions and purposely removed any trace of femininity from the equation. 
The 5 pictures of purely masculine interiors represent interiors I could perfectly live with, if I was a guy.  
The inconsistency in styles is intentional – I’m taking upon myself the burden of trying to combine them all, which can be very tricky.

Trying very hard to step out of myself and walk in my husband’s shoes. This is a guy who loves sports, bear and fast cars…. So you get the picture.

Because there will be a lot of snacking and sipping in the man cave, I'm looking at pictures of bars, restaurants and lounging areas that could serve as inspiration. Obviously our space will be much smaller. 

There is obviously a lot of black and grey and brown in all these pictures. When working with the mood board, I will try to figure out a way of using these tones as a neutral backdrop and then add layers of colors on top.


This is the first mood board. It follows strictly the instructions of collecting colors, patterns and textures.
At this point I'm not yet focusing on how I will combine all these things. I’m limiting myself to listing the ones I like, keeping in mind that all of this is for a man cave.

I chose to gather black and white patters, uniquely for the purpose of having an overview of the shapes I like within a pattern.
Ultimately, I will probably use those patterns in a different color, but that's ahead.

Same goes for the textures. The focus here is 3-dimentional, and the colors don't really count just yet.
I like raw linen, burlap, flat weave. Something softer to the touch will be necessary but I can’t think of anything right now.

Later in the process, I will be adding reclaimed wood and slate to the second mood board, as these are materials we will be working with on floors, walls and cabinetry.


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