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Angelea W.

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A resume that feels like me

My previous resume was thrown together after I felt like the one I put a lot of time into was to creative for the corporate world. I thought it was nicely laid out but had zero success with it. I made my current one in word, the previous one I created in illustrator.Not sure why I never thought about InDesign. I printed it out and did some marking up.


I liked the watercolor simple but feminine resume. I wanted to feel like myself but also wanted it to be very light when you look at the paper.


My work history is small been a career student mainly lol. I am hoping this new updated one goes over well on this job search, I like the simplicity of what I created even if it HR doesn't.. I realized now my previous two were over designed geez.

I almost went with a brush script font for the header but went against it and settled with one my favs sans serif font Raleway for the header (I am still not 100% on this yet) & Quicksand for the body resume. I chose against the skill sliders. Instead of profile, i used my light quriky intro Hi there,

Final Resume (with raleway header font)


Second Version (Quicksand Font Header) I know my name may get a little lost in the water color there are bolder options but I like the regular setting.



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