Deyo Glines

in Long Beach, CA.



A real reason to use this assignment.

Nice timing finding this class as I randomly scrolled the courses. Usually I just pick something for the sake of exercise, but the day after watching this my friend here in Long Beach, CA. asked if I had time for a quick poster. These are two long time Punk/Alt/Stoner bands from right here in LBC. I asked Headchanger to make this an event, and title it. And so here is my poster for The THC Bomb is On this Saturday night in Sunset Beach, CA.

My word association:


Originally he called it "Make America Sex Again", then "Make America Rock Again (I liked the first one better.) Then remembered he has a song about a ballot measure coming up here in CA regarding legalization, so, The THC Bomb is On won.

My Sketches:
My hand, and original idea of having a very stoned looking cartoon character getting this bomb dropped in to his brain, but I nixed that.


My Leaf and Bone:


And here is the final 11x17 (still has bleed)


I didn't have time to get tweaky with texture and detail but that would have made this better, instead I tried to give it that Ray Pettibone/Black Flag look, but for Hippies ;}

Jen, you are great! maybe my favorite tutor ever for this kind of format, looking forward to more.



The bar made some 11x17's, but not full bleed (boo)



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