A quiet world apart

A quiet world apart - student project

I was a late sign up, so I'm rather late to submitting my work.

Here is a brief overview of my project so far. 

I have no experience with Illustrator and I'm also not really someone that sketches regularly, more like doodles. I'm very interested in the process of coming up with ideas, so I have tried to approach this project with that in mind.

Also, I sketched everything on A3, but our at home scanner is only for A4. (Oops!) so quite a bit got cut off, but this gives you an idea on my progress.


Firstly, I wrote out a list of words for both 'Quiet' and 'Loud', and then I mind mapped the list to try find new connections and possible ideas. I also sketched a few out, but have only included my final below.

Quiet: Pindrop, moment, soft, breeze, ocean, dark, muted, deaf, marshmallow in ears, shhh!, library, study, cat sleeping, nap, peace, eery, stillness, world in a microscope, soft, pastel, solitude, snow falling, peace, soundproof, meditation, a quiet word

Loud:  Heels on tiles, amplifier, music, yelling, car horn, alarms, bright, clashing colours, busy roads, bee, a mosquito in the dark.

Mindmap (sorry it's cut off, but most of the same words are above):

A quiet world apart - image 1 - student project

Out of all those ideas, my favourites are:


  • I combined the concept of snow falling, blanketing the house, and a soundproof world, and jumped to 'snow globe'. A little miniature world that you can't hear.
  • I also thought of solitude and a cabin in the woods sprang to mind.

Loud, my two favourites are:

  • A mosquito in a dark room. When everything else is quiet and you can't sleep, one mosquito is the loudest sound in the universe.
  • Heels on tiles. From heels on tiles, I jumped to a woman walking down a dark street at night, and all you can hear are the sound of her heels. It brings in an unexpected twist of vulnerability.


I set myself a colour restriction of blues and pinks.

Below is one of my sketches. I hope to work on more, but it depends on time constraints. I'm halfway through illustrating this, so will update this project soon.

A quiet world apart - image 2 - student project