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A quiet place in the south

¿Are you tired of all the noise and chaos of big cities, but still want to enjoy that cool vibe they have?

Well, that´s just my case, I live in a city with 3 million inhabitants in a tiny valley. Although I love seeing mountains everywhere, sometimes you just feel trapped in here. That´s why when I went two years ago to Montevideo, Uruguay I felt happier than ever. 

This is a city with half the population that the one I live in. In fact, the whole Uruguay have fewer people than my city. At first was a big shock for me, I missed the noise, I missed the mountains, I even missed the "modern architecture" of my home... You see, Montevideo is charming city, a place where you feel like time had stop. It´s architecture looks pretty much the same as it did 60 years ago, they are proud of preserve their history intact and combine it perfectly with their modern vibe. In my home city, we have no space to grow, so we have to destroy older buildings to build new ones.

When you walk around Montevideo, specially the "Rambla" around the Rio de la Plata border, you can feel the peace of quiet place, but you can also found great restaurants, malls, museums and events to remind you that you are in a vibrant city in the 21st century.

Uruguayans are the nicest people ever, the food is great (specially their beef and their fried egg and meat sandwich called Chivito), the beaches are among the best in the world (Punta del Este is perhaps the fanciest beach in South America), in the downtown you can find a lot of tango dancers, just like in Buenos Aires, in the busiest hour the traffic is actually quite calm and you can watch football/soccer live the whole weekend in 7 different stadiums around the city. 

In summer you have sun until 10 pm and in winters you enjoy a cold and windy weather without snow.

For me, Uruguay is like heaven. Sadly, my two angels (my wife and daughter) weren´t there to enjoy it with them.

Maybe I will go back, in another life perhaps, to this paradise on earth, to enjoy it with the ones I love the most.


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