A pulpy dance

A pulpy dance - student project

so excited to start this animation process, looks really cool and interesting. can't wait!

this is my design - 

A pulpy dance - image 1 - student project

so AE is done and now it's time to place my design on top of the animation, was a bit hard to get the movement the way I wanted it to be ( I haven't done many loops before), but I think I can keep perfecting it in Ps.

this is the AE animation - 

A pulpy dance - image 2 - student project

done with the Ps animation. this is such a nice an cool way to make animation, i'm happy with the result and really looking forward to add colour and textures :) 

this is the animation before colouring, about 10 drawings, 2fps each - 

A pulpy dance - image 3 - student project

after watching Bee colouring her animation I wanted to try and colour in a different style than what I'm used to, more closely to what she did with adding highlights and etc. 

I did both versions though, ok I did like 10 but I'll show yo just the two I liked the best :) 


A pulpy dance - image 4 - student project


A pulpy dance - image 5 - student project

I was going for a self portrait dancing to the mirror after watching Uma Thurman dance in Tarantino's Pulp Fiction :)

I'm really happy with the end result!! Thank you Bee!! for this fun course! you really opened my eyes to animation through Ae and Ps. Hoping to see here more courses by you. xoxo