A progressive path to Professional Aromatherapist.

A progressive path to Professional Aromatherapist. - student project

Deborah Casey has secured approved training provider status with the International Institute for Complimentary therapists.  Aromatherapy is now provided in the following sequence of learning:

0 - a free module that introduces the basics to students

1 - leve 1 which is advances the students learning

2 - level 2 further advances the students learning that prepares them for level 3; this level 2 course includes assignments and a final exam which can then lead to the level three programme of learning.

3 - level 3 advances the students learning to professional level and the level 3 diploma.  The diploma can be achieved through completion of various assignments and a final exam.  The Professional Diploma is sent to the students personal email (email is used only for the course there is no marketting etc)

Note: students can access all the classes, at each level, for personal learning even if they do not want to obtain a qualification.  But to should students wish to obtain the professional qualification that is accepted and approved by IICT (allowing for professional membership with iict and access to their partner company for insurance and then pursue employment) they will need to complete all levels of learning. 

Deborah wishes students to enjoy the world of Aromatherapy it is an amazing profession and a one that can benefit the student, their family, friends and community.

Deborah Casey
Aromatherapist, Holistic practitioner