A photographer letter to a potential client

Hi My name is Conrad and I’m a photographer working editorial, Stock, and events.

One of my biggest problems have been a lot of people contacting me to work for free or a tiny amount of money, when I tell them my services cost money and how much so. They’re answer usually is “what?! my uncle/brother/boyfriend has a camera and he`ll do it for half of what you’re asking” or “we aren’t asking for anything big just a couple of pictures” or “for that much money I can take the pictures myself”.

The problem is they’re potential customers so I don’t want to waste a job opportunity by rejecting them. Instead I want to create a letter I can send them explaining my services and why they should pay me what im asking for.

I have no experience writing for advertising so any help will be appreciated.

the headline of the email

Ensure you get the best photographs humanly possible (not 100% on this)

the actual letter.

First off I wanted to congratulate you for being a diligent individual.

Obviously you noticed that today, when everybody own at least one high quality digital camera hiring someone to take pictures might seem unnecessary.

After all you’re phone is a camera, you’re tablet is a camera, you’re laptop is a camera, hell you might even own a fancy pro level DSLR. It`s not the 1920`s when cameras were more rare then diamonds. And useless unless you knew how to operate the camera and develop the plates of glass covert with light sensitive emollition.

So why should you hire me?

 Well ask yourself how many years have you dedicated to learning photography?, how many years of shooting experience do you have?

Have you mastered the control of light?

Do you have a clear vision of the theme you're working for on a shoot?, can you achieve that theme? Can you guarantee the resulting images will match the highest standards?

Can you honestly tell me you know you’re gear like the back of you’re hand?

You see if owning a camera makes you a photographer, then by that logic owning a violin will immediately qualify you to be in the filarmónica, with no need to spend years learning and perfecting you’re talent.

So I ask you, do you own a camera or are you a photographer, do you want to hire a guy that owns a camera or do you want to hire a photographer?

Im still available to help you, contact me at this Email or phone No: 0000000000 if you are willing to commit and want the high quality photos I'm offering.


so is there anything to improve?. remember this people allready contacted me, I feel a really good letter could change theyr`e minds and make at least some of them customers. I REALLY would apreciate ANY help here


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