A perfect view of the city's skyline

A perfect view of the city's skyline - student project

The full glass window on this photo from MesaVirre website, draws the eye to the city's skyline, where it gives a full view of the city's skyscrapers. This is inevitably the focal point of the room. 

I love that, that great view is shared by the office area on the left and the dining set on the right. 

The white wash color of the entire room seemed to extend to the outside making the room appear larger in space. 

Asymmetrical balance is achieved with the back X art piece on the wall along with the tall chrome lamp on the left,  from the wide and tall, black and white display shelves on the right. 

The flat ceiling is leveled as well by the heavy furniture. The splash of patterns and texture of the rug and pillows compliments the plain ceiling and sofas.

The use of white and black hues, on the office, living and dining area, allowed the flow of harmony and simpleness of the design.