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A pencil away from a new world

Ideas I've got so far. Ideas are numbered under each underlined word or concept that I thought of that led to the idea.

I've created a brainstorming mind map for Pencils of Promise here:  (will be updating continually)

Target audience: Teachers and Schools

Get a large amount of teachers to make donations of any amount to pencils of promise. Teachers are more aware of theories of education and the importance of giving a child the right education. They are also more likely to be more passionate about it and knowledgeable about the condition of schools across the world.


A child + a pencil = In the hands of a child, a pencil is a gateway to their imagination, which is the gateway to a reformed world.

1) Donate pencils or money to Pencils of Promise

Every time any teacher or school, anywhere, buys supplies for their classrooms, supply them with information about Pencils of Promise and the option to donate supplies or any small amount to them.

2) Teacher Competition Campaign

Send out a mailer to teachers across the world educating them about pencils of promise and set a competition for teachers to come up with the most creative ways to help Pencils of Promise. Give prizes in return (a trip to Guatemala, cash prize, nominations, etc) and aid them in bringing their ideas to life.

Awareness on the State of Education in Guatemala

1) Guatemala's State of Education Campaign – Posters & Mailers

Series of posters and mailers put up in schools and sent to teachers presenting the facts about Guatemala's state of education and what Pencils of Promise is doing about it, with forms attached to the posters to donate.

The posters will have facts that will move people, such as:

  • There are a lack of teachers in rural areas. In some villages, they find only one single dedicated teacher teaching nearly 100 K-6 students.
  • The average length of time spent in school in Guatemala still remains only 3.5 years, or just slightly past the completion of third grade.
  • Many rural schools can only afford to pay their teachers the equivalent of $200/month.
  • There are still gender issues in Guatemala in regards to education; families would rather send a son to school than their daughter, as they see that more worthwhile.

Primary Target audience:  Graphic Design Students

Social Change Project

1. Social Change Campaign competition for graphic design students across the world

As an assignment for graphic design students, have them create a social change campaign/competition for bringing awareness to Pencils of Promise and Guatemala's education situation with an option for donation. A winner will be chosen per area (per region, per state, etc) and their campaign will be implemented. 

Target audience: Families with children throughout the world


1. Fundraiser: "Blueprints of the mind"

Hold community events throughout the world where for a small entry fee, children can participate making blueprints of their minds by using various media in rooms full of big rolls of paper where they can create whatever is in their imagination. Proceeds from entry fee and any donations go to pencils of promise.

Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Worry dolls are something many people know about but may not realize their ties to Guatemala. The worry dolls come from a Guatemalan legend that say if children sleep with the dolls, they have the ability to remove worries from them. The worry dolls are also clothed in traditional Mayan costumes.

1. Worry Doll Campaign + Catalog 

Put together a worry doll campaign and catalog with worry doll products Guatemalans have made. Educate people on state of education in Guatemala. Proceeds from purchases go to pencils of promise. 

Primary Target audience:  Teachers and college students across the world. Secondary audience will be people ages 16-80 with internet access.

Online Communities/Forums/Groups

1. Pencils of Promise Online Community

Separate from the Pencils of Promise website, will be a community with interactive games and achievements. The site will hold local fundraiser events, allow people to create their own events, and games users can play will donate a small amount to Pencils of Promise when they win.

2. Competition: Interactive Media Majors / Students with video editing skills

Implement a project throughout schools everywhere that enlists students to make creative videos educating people about Pencils of Promise and Guatemala. The winners of the competition will get their video promoted by youtube (and/or other video hosting sites), and each unique view will donate a small amount to pencils of promise.

3. Pencils of Promise & Guatemala Dollar Shop

Set up an online site with projects made by students in Guatemalan schools, Guatemalan natives, and will also have Guatemalan souvenirs and school supplies. Everything is a dollar. 100% of proceeds go to pencils of promise.


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