A path of life

I'm a medical student who wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle. There is no way I can tell a patient to stop smoking, stop drinking and most important, do exercise if I don’t do it! I don’t want to be an overweight doctor who yells at patients because they don’t take care of themselves, I’m going to guide by example. Also, one of my biggest fears is to live with a chronic disease such as diabetes and hypertension (specially having genetic predisposition), I want to be healthy for my family too!

This is why I want to adopt a healthy style life once and for all, putting it between brushing my teeth and sleeping, I want to make it a daily thing, a true lifestyle. As a medical student, my spare time to do other things is very restricted and this is the perfect time to do this, to show to myself and to others that it can be done! No excuses!


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