A party without cake...

Below is the newer version of my original project quote.

Revised the cover photo with a new version of " A Party Without a Cake"- Used a new vintage nib on a different paper this time-Fun to see the differences-

I try to keep myself amused by choosing fun phrases when I am doing practice drills like the one below.

Thought I would post something more recent-I have been trying to squeeze in a little practice daily

Below is the ink version-My nib felt very scratchy on this and I am thinking I might need to replace it but I don't know how you determine that. 

I first did a pencil sketch of the quote to use as a guide for the inked version.

Thoroughly enjoying this class and trying to squeeze in some practice time-really feel that will be the key for me.  I have always had a love for typography and hand lettering and now would like to concentrate on devloping a modern calligraphy style of my own.  Here is the quick intro exercise- I really tried not to think too hard about it.


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