A page of potted plants

A page of potted plants - student project

A page of potted plants - image 1 - student project

Let me first start by thanking you for walking me through this painting process, as I've only been using watercolors for about a week now. In order to pass this difficult period, my boyfriend bought me this painting book created by Lorna Scobie meant to develop creativity. Today I had this exercise, which reminded me about your tutorial (I've been following your work for a couple of months but never thought of creating a Skillshare account until a few days ago).

As a general feedback, all I can say is that the tutorial was really fun and easy to follow, although painting it on a regular book paper certainly made it a little bit more difficult to mix colors and obtain the result I wanted. But I believe what mattered most was that I definitely enjoyed it!

You are definitely talented and I will continue watching other tutorials soon! :)