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A normal day in my life.

My list.

1) Wake up in the morning. ( I like to wake up early, so I don't have to rush things)

2) Brush teeth.

3) Breakfast.

4) Read the newspaper.

5) Get ready for work.

6) Walk to work. (My workplace is about 20 minutes away. I use this opportunity to walk and because I love the sun!)

7) Get down to business. Work.


9) Have a chat session with colleagues.

10) More work.

11) Go home.

12) Do some laundry.

13) Talk to mom.

14) Draw. (I'm trying to get better at it. The limbs always come out weird.)

15) Shower.

16) Dinner!

17) Watch some T.V.

18) Pray.

19) Brush teeth.

20) Go to sleep.

This is what I came up with for the list.


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