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A ninja robot is born

After looking at other peoples projects I decided it best to use a model for the posture of my character. This ensured the size of all the limbs looked right. I then just used a new layer to do a rough drawing of the body. I had many different concepts of the robot but all ended up being to bulky. I then replaced these armour areas with fabric to keep a slim figure. This made the robot seem more like a ninja as well as looking quicker and athletic.

Adding the light source form the side gives the robot ninja a great sense of stance and power.

After about a few hours with intense shading etc on the top layer I think I have achieved a good sense of a figure. I think the method I used for the fabric on the legs and the arms worked out really well. Can't wait to colour it After I watch the video

added some colur, I used alot of layers to darken and lighten certain areas, but I'm still unsure about the tone of the colours

Using different soft lights, multiple and hard light layers I made the colour seem less vivid and more natural.


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