A new website!

A new website! - student project

My biggest and most immediate goal is to redesign my website www.rebeccashapiroart.com.

It used to be a portfolio site which was fine but for the last two years I have neglected my site while at the same time, knowing that I want it to be more than a portfolio and business card. 

My goal will be to have my website completely redesigned by January 31, 2017. It will have a call to action, I will have my books and publications up, I will have a shopify page to sell prints and originals.

I mostly hang out on Instagram under @rebeccashapiroart. I can also be found on twitter and Facebook (although that page has languished, as well).

I hope I can do this! And thanks for the workbook. The prompts were just right to help me get over my annual list of overwhelm and have a list that feels doable.