A new love!

A new love! - student project

I absolutely enjoyed this course! I have always loved Watercolor Paintings and wanted to learn how to do it myself so badly! Last year I bought a very inexpensive Artist Loft palette at Michaels and at the time I had no clue that I had to use a certain kind of paper with it so anytime I would try to paint on canvases (Haha) or plain paper it never turned out right! It wasn't until I found this course that I knew I needed Watercolor Paper. I finally got some this week and was able to take the course! This is my first time ever using Watercolors 'the right way' and I am so in love! I can not wait to learn more. I still have to learn how to do the lines better. I think both my nerves and my old brushes are responsible for how thick and shaky they are.

A new love! - image 1 - student project

Luckily I did have some of the Indian Ink as I got it as a part of my 'Starters Kit' when I went to the Art Institute a few years ago... it was one of the many things they gave us (actually, sold us) that we never used. Finally came in handy!!!

A new love! - image 2 - student project

P.S. I enjoyed hearing about your background. I have a background in Web Design/Development and a bit of Graphic Design but just like you it's so hard to find interest in certain projects. I just want to create things that actually inspire me! :) 

Toria Latrice
Illustrator, Photographer