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A new family for a new time.



Working on the linoleum

Quick test prints with some water based gold ink that I've never used before. Was less good than I wanted, live and learn I guess.

Back to my usual rubber based ink. Looks pretty good. This was a lot of fun, thanks Aaron!


AAAND done. I've fiddled, and gotten it to completion. It even holds up pretty good at a small size. Might mock it up on a t-shirt or something. Will definitely do a block print this week. The picture above is the final design in color, black and white, and seperated for screenprinting.


When my wife and I got married, neither of us were too keen on taking the other's name.  Neither of us have a particular attachment to our family names, not that we don't like our families, but to us our surname didn't imbue any identity.  So we decided created a new family name.

So we searched, and hemmed and hawed. We had long discussions over beer about our sigils and our words. And finally, we came to it: Darling. I had originally nixed the name, but I was driving around town one day and turned onto a "Darling" street and thought, "Huh, that's a pretty good name." 

So with a sigil in mind (Two Crows) and with our words (Passion & Reason) I sat down to watch Aaron's presentation.

Like everyone (I assume) I'm constantly fidgeting and doodling. As you can probably see it's mostly garbage, but it helps to push the ideas out of a thought space and into reality. You know, so the next idea can come out to play.

Typically I start on paper, but I decided I'd just jump right in the computer and start developing a bit of iconography.

Science, Art, Beer. Not only some of our favorite things, but also some of the best things. We brew, I dabble in the practical sciences, while she is an actual scientist. I'm a real life designer, and she draws silly things. 

I started out with the standard shield and banner. The crows perched on indiscriminate branches. The on one the left is Passion, the one on the right is Reason.

Pushing a little further, I added some typical iconography, science-y things and art-y things. A little nature in there for good measure. All things that in a sort of prototypical form are things that could concievably represent our family. I showed it to my wife and she put on her creative director hat and said: "The mug makes us look like drunks, and your icons feel kind of half assed. I like the outside shape though." 

Of course, she was right. So, unfazed I soldiered on. I began to draw out the parts that make the things we like, to get a more subtle feel. More symbolic, less slap in the face.

And then I thought: Wait, I don't need that shield in there. Doesn't that shield kind of limit it? Harken back to a time of serfdom? Of lords and ladies? This new family of ours isn't rooted in those times.

Sure, we brew, but we aren't farmers, push the grain to the side to make room for what truly matters. The open book. Learning. Reading. Knowledge.

I'm pretty satisfied with it now, but I'm still mulling over if something should go in the book. Maybe some illuminated initials to represent the progenitors of the family? Maybe leave it blank as a representation the years of shared history we have yet to experience? I don't quite know yet.

Anyway, here is one of the many, many colorways I've done so far. As of 11/18 I'm still trying to push this.


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