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Emma Jane Hunt

Exploring a new aspect of my creative side



A new creative outlet

I'm a creative person. I crave balance in my life and doing something artistic gives me that balance. 

I own my own business, Emma Jane Designs. I make simple, modern jewelry by hand. Some would think that must be enough of a creative outlet, but it isn't. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my work. It is incredibly fulfilling to take simple wire and twist it and manipulate it into something new and beautiful. But the challenge of learning a new art form that is completely foreign to me is a curiousity I just couldn't shake.

Penmanship has never been my strong suit. In fact, I dislike my handwriting so much that I've never even kept a handwritten journal. Perhaps I've always been to hard on myself, it is legible and does the job, but I've always loved the way my parents and grandparents effortlessly wrote little notes in beautiful cursive. Unfortunately, I'm from the generation where cursive and penmanship wasn't enforced. We learned it in elementary school and then that was it. By the time I had papers due they all needed to be typed versus hand written.

So i'm starting from the beginning. Relearning cursive - how to connect letters and even how to write some letters in cursive, as embarrassing as that is to admit.

I've also commited to do 365 days of calligraphy. For the next year I will commit to practicing everyday and uploading an image to my Instagram feed. Anyone want to join me? 

Well the good news is that I can only get better, right? I'm working on my ink flow. Right now that is the biggest challenge for me. I feel like I either have too much or too little ink on the pen. Anyone else having this problem?


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