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A new beginning to an old one

Hello, you can refer to me as Draka for this class.

So my character? I went back and forth with a few idea before settling on the one that needed the most developement. The original story for this character is pretty old back from eight grade if my memeory is correct. I decided some time ago to recreat the story and characters in a new setting while trying to keep the core of the story the same. 

The background to this story is a bit complicated and when people are first introduce to it they will make a basic assumtion of what the world is like. Most likely categories it as fantasy with its medieval and victorian feel, but as the story progresses clues and hints will be mentioned and eventualy everyone will know the truth. Now off to the character.

Garnet is the main character. After leaving(run away) from home at a young age to see more of the world pased her home. Unfortuanly the world is a danagerouse place for a small female child to wonder on her own, but she lucked out and eventually made it to the city that she lives in.

So I do all my sketches by hand, am not that comfertable or good free handing digitallly with my tablet. I usually start off with a basic sektch this is done using a blue pencil very lightly. From there still using the blue I fiz it up with a darker layer. From there I switched to my regualer pencil and did the detail like clothing, hair, etc. The second image is a very basic and rushed line art using my microne pens. I will have a nicer cleaner line art latter but I wanted to post something up and you did request for a sketch :P.

Like Promised a cleaner line art. I made some fixes to the original design. The head is smaller, same with the left shoulder. I also fixed the eyes how they wheren't leveled. Currently working on the turn around head view. I will post something once I have a rough drawing done.

Head Turn Around Preview

So here's a preview of what I have so far in the Head Turn Around. I've already started working on a clean version of this and made some corrections to different areas. The hardest thing I had to figure out was how the bangs worked in  the diffent views, but even that didn't take me that long and once I did it was pretty simple. Also whats nice about her hair style is that her "flippy" hair as am calling them in the back don't have to be exact because I do a similar hair style on my hair and its never the same. At least not exactly the same.


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