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Dan Leydon




A model, Idiom.

1) Hi, I'm Dan. I'm an illustrator and I'm quite excited to get going on this project. Really enjoying the videos Mikey has put together. I'm going to pick some idioms now.

2) I've picked out a few I like...

  • It's all square here
  • The cat's amongst the pigeons
  • A hot potato
  • penny for your thoughts
  • back to the drawing board
  • ball is in your court

I'll doodle up some bits now.


Out of the 6 ideas I got two I'm happy with, one with potential and three that are too laboured to be considered. I'll proceed with the two bordered in orange and see if I can improve on them now.


Defining my pigeon so i can mock up the framework the cat has to fit into...


so here it is, i've isolated the space i need the cat to fit into and will proceed with sketching that next.


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