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A map for my blog exploringdelft.com

Do you need a map of Delft? ;-)

I never thought I would be able to make a map on my own! But I did, thanks to this course. I have this blog about Delft, a city in the Netherlands, called exploringdelft.com

I describe all kinds of fun and interesting things about Delft and in the meantime I described already 100 nice spots in Delft. I had the idea of making a map of Delft for some time already, but I did not know where to start.

Now it is almost finished. I will tell you how I started and where I am now. I finally want to have the map printed and on sale in Delft and maybe in an Etsy shop.

 The first exercise for me was to get a feeling with the shape of the city of Delft. It is a small town, many interesting spots are in the city center, so I decided to concentrate on that part.

Because of it’s shape I decided to make a vertical map. I used the colors I use on my blog, but still I thought that the map was a little bit dull. That is why I started drawing a few items I like from Delft, like it’s Delft blue heart, the New Church, a porcelain lamp and a porcelain lamp post.

 I used different colors for the items but when I was finishing the map, it looked messy with all the stars, names, numbers and items in different colors so I only use a few in the map itself and I changed the colors of it.

At the backside I give a description of most of the places of the map. There are places on the map without a description, than you can use the blog for more information.

You can use the map with or without the blog and it is not only a map, it is also a city guide.

I really liked doing this project and I am proud I made it! :-)


 After Annes comments I started over again :-). Now my map is more straight, I did not add the little alleys, it looks cleanend up! I sell it in my Etsy shop


And I also sell it in Delft.

I got media attention.

I like the project a lot and I'll never watch a map without this project in the back of my mind.

This is my blogpost about it:


and the article in the local newspaper



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