A lot to learn

A lot to learn - student project

This apron project was fun and allowed me to learn even more things. From my perspective, it has a lot of mistakes but for the first piece like this, I think it isn't too bad. 

A lot to learn - image 1 - student project


Because my fabric was too small to be folded, I had to sew 2 pieces together for the main piece. I ended up finishing the back the best I could which ended up with multiple stitch lines on the front (middle of the apron). I used the same colour for both threads (dark brown).


A lot to learn - image 2 - student project


The reason why there are 2 rows of threads for the finishing is that my inner border was uneven (especially in the curve area) so I couldn't really finish it from the right side. This way, I was first able to catch most of the fabric while keeping my lines aligned with the edge of the apron.

Again, I had to be imaginative to find ways of hiding mistakes but I am sure in the future, it will go smoothly. 

Thanks for this great class!


Below, I ended up creating pillowcases using the pencil case + zipper technique. Zippers are easier than I thought! I am looking forward to the next course you create!


A lot to learn - image 3 - student project

Valery Goulet
Designer, Illustrator & Design Educator