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A little of this... a little of that

Lesson 1 | Step 2: Take "before" photos

Welcome to our new place!  We moved into a few months ago and I am beyond excited to start styling it.  The living and dining space is one big room with floor to ceiling glass doors – the natural light is fantastic.  I like move our furniture around a lot! Before photos show where we initially liked the furniture when we moved in.  It’s tough to say what era or genre is going on… a little Moroccan, a little shabby chic, some mid-century, nautical, maybe a little boho?   I hope to create that put-together look the pros do with the mish-mosh of pieces we have.

Coffee table – Moroccan and awesome. Picked it up second hand from someone leaving the country, so I got a got good deal on it.  (Please excuse my mess.)


Sofa – Ikea “Ektorp” loveseat with pull-out bed and chair, not pictured is the sofa. The washable covers on these are the deal.


Console/Credenza – Unsure what to use for the console.  I adore the blue chairs in the photo, so I’m wondering if these with bookshelves or something would work for an entryway.  The TV is gone now.  We have a bigger one that will be mounted on the wall, but not necessarily this wall.  

Bookshelves – None yet.  I want to use wine crates mounted on the wall; like floating bookshelves.  The photo kind of shows the idea.  There’s a couple crates leaned up against the chairs.  I have 8 or so saved up for the project. 

Bed – This photo turned out much better using the photo taking tips.  Shooting from around the waistline made a big difference.   The gorgeous floors are new… so new that the baseboards are not even up yet!  I like the wall color chosen by the previous owner and I think I will keep it :)


Lesson 1 | Step 1:  Identify the "8 Principles of Styling"

This first lesson was great - what a difference the 8 elements make once you recognize them. I swiped this photo from Pinterest and fell in love with the space.

Principles of styling:

Needs – Coffee table and fire place, baskets in the foreground

Shape – The round mosaic mirror above the credenza is my fav representation of shape in this space.  The huge circle balances the sharp/modern lines of the credenza.  The mosaic tiles and circle mirror hanging on the fireplace compliment eachother’s shapes too.

Color – Grey and beige are mixed beautifully throughout

Pattern – Mosaic tiles and circle mirror hanging on fireplace, pillows

Texture – Linen pillows and lampshade, chenille rug, mosaic tiles, wicker candle holder

Placement – I have trouble defining this principle.  My best answer is the clear path created by the placement of the furniture between the dining, living and entryway areas.

Bling – Everywhere! On the pillow, the mirror, mosaic tiles pendant lamp.

Botanicals – Flowers on the side table


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