A little corner in Bangkok

A little corner in Bangkok - student project

I recently traveled to Thailand and was so excited to get back home to edit my pictures using Lightroom. I was very intimidated by all of the tools when I first installed the program on my computer. However, after this class, I feel equipped to practice and learn how to make my pictures 100x better!

I found this cat in an alleyway in Bangkok; this is one of my favorite photos I captured becuase of the cat's eyes which match the color of the bucket in the background. I did my best to try to make her eyes pop and to minimize the other distractions by adding a vignette and darkening the background a bit.

Please let me know what you think! Thank you Lotus for such a great class.


A little corner in Bangkok - image 1 - student project


A little corner in Bangkok - image 2 - student project