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Bettina Enriquez

Oh, hello



A little bunny-booted girl, and a wacky grandpa?

Hello everyone! My name is Bettina, and this is my very first project, and my very first Skillshare class (I might be addicted now). I don't work in the creative field, and this is the very first time I extensively used Photoshop, and probably the first time I ever used Illustrator (I know - crazy!). I'm a little old school, and usually go pen and paper.


December 2, 2013

Project #2: This happy old man was just itching to be brought to life. :) 

The back leg was meant to be in the back, but I accidentally layered it above the rest of the pants, and I like this effect on his entire posture SO much better! What do you think?


It has been slow going, but he is slowly coming to life! Needs a lot of work especially on shadows (have to figure that out)... and the sweater, I drew zigzags because I had no idea what to do with it for now! My trial Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is ending soon - has anyone had any luck shifting entirely to Pixelmator and iDraw?


December 1, 2013

I decided to draw a little girl I thought up, and hope you like it!!

I had an amazing time at the class, THANK YOU Matt for offering such a wonderful class! I definitely need some help figuring out brushes, and how to load more brushes (anyone??), because I couldn't really figure out how to use cool spatter brush that Matt uses... nor could I figure out how to access those amazing brushes he uses during the texturizing phase. Definitely going to try a more styled character after making this one so I can play around with a lot more details! Any comments and suggestions will be most helpful! Thank you for checking out my project. :)


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