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Bridgett Stahlman

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A little bling in your life

I had a ton of fun drawing these little gems.  Of course I don't have anything that even looks remotely close to them, but hey a girl can dream right?  I brainstormed and came up with some ideas that I wanted to convey.  I love old movies and Diamonds are a girls best friend came to mind with Marilyn Monroe.  Diamonds and gold are always shiny and bright so that is the feeling I wanted to show.  Who couldn't think of jewelry without thinking of Tiffany's. So here is my rough sketch that I came up with.


Next came the watercolor portion.  I always have loved watercoloring but it definitly takes practice.  I always seem to overwork things.  Its always a challenge for me to leave well enough alone.  I tried to do that with these but I do think I could have backed off a little bit.  I am hoping I can tweek it a little bit in photoshop.  So here is my finished piece.  I cant wait to put it together into a pattern!



Here is the new updated vectorized version of my watercolor design:


Here are my final patterns...I changed up the patterns a few times and played with color.  This was such a fun class and a great learning experience.  Thanks Jenn!



Thanks Jen for the advice!  Here is my updated versions taking into account to flip and rotate my designs.  I also tried it with a black background and I really like how it made the watercolor pop! 





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