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A link to my childhood

When I was a kid I lived in Rome for a few years, obviously I ate a few pizzas. My favorite is a very simple one : mozzarella and funghi.

So I saw this skillshare class and thought : "Hey! let's try this! Should be fun, and eventually good"

I live now in Marseille, France and a friend of mine have a real pizza oven, the other day we decided to go for a pizza day ; needless to say I catch the occasion to try and make some Roman style pizzas. It was the first time i did my own dough and it was a success, everybody loved it. And so do I, it totally reminded me of my childhood.

Ok not everything went so well, the pizza weren't that round, but it was a great experiment. Here are some photos, unfortunately I was so focused that I forgot to document the process very well. Here's a cheese pizza without sauce. Ccheeses are: mid aged Cantal, camembert and Roquefort, 3 famous and yummy french cheeses I never saw these cheeses on a pizza but it was a good choice, very tasty.

We also tried a chocolate and banana pizza it was good too but I left it a bit too long in the oven.






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