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Lyndsey Griffin

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A lifestyle improvement boutique!

I want to start a business that can earn profit but also gives back and promotes upcycling within the local community.

"My Business" (name TBD) is a store that sells a lifestyle. its like Anthropologie but not as expensive and will sell new and used things from local people and will have a portion of sales dedicated to a scholarship fund for employees like Chic-fil-a.

Ideas of products carried include clothing, shoes, acccessories, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen accessories and furniture ideally unisex but primarily geared towards women.

3 biggest holes ( through surveys)

1. People would find a way to take advantage of the generosity.

2. People in the positions will not be able to afford the "boutique" price points 

3. Where would something like this be located? Near a college campus?


1.  The business woul have a cap of the amount of tuition assistance an employee/intern can earn. Ex. Up  to 100% tuition cost for a maximum of 5 years & must maintain employment with the company throughout. The process to evaluate employment will be a need based criteria. Customers would also be able to choosif how much if their purchase goes to the scholarship fund/ tip to the person that assists them. 

2. The business will have a wide range off price points to cater to various clientele. The goods ideally will be   a range of mid- to affordable end pieces; more expensive than a thrift store but not above average pricing.

3. The business ideally will be located in a easily accessible part of town for the employee/interns to work & commute to school in a timely manner.  In my wildest fantasies it would be in an up & coming industrial turned hip neighborhood. A warehouse converted to live/retail spaces.


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