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A life list that I can live with

*****under construction*****

This project is a work in progress this week

My GoMighty page is here: http://gomighty.com/user/Daffodil/

My full 2012 life list is here: http://daffodilcampbell.blogspot.com/2012/11/life-list-refined.html

At Camp MIghty 2012 we whittled our life list down to 5 items. The 5 most important, or the 5 you really want to tackle this year, or the 5 that are most representative of your hopes and dreams. However each attendee came to their 5, those 5 were written on cards and put in envelopes and stashed in purses and wallets and secret pockets and journals and they are there - looked at once in a while or worn and bent and stained with attention.

Mine is still crisp. Only removed from my wallet twice since I wrote those 5 items down and read them aloud to my team.

And for this class, I decided to make a new 5. As with all things in life, my goals have shifted, or become clearer with time. Which is a relief.

So here are my 5 for this class:

1. Get my book published. 

I wrote it, I am editing it, and now I need to figure out what to do with it. It is a fictional memoir - ficutional to protect privacy - of my journey to parenthood. Marriage, divorce, pregnancy, miscarriage,  birth, adoption, foster care..... it has been a long and widning road and many (many) people have asked about it. I would like to be able to share the story with them. But how? Where do i start?

2. Find someone to help me get (and keep) my house as spotlessly clean as I want it to be.

My unique combination of OCD, ADD, and abject laziness does not lend itself to keeping my house the way I want/need it to be for my own peace of mind.

3. Internship at a website/magazine/newspaper/radio/TV station in NYC or CT as a reporter/editor/producer during July.

I have made arrangements to be able to work somewhere - anywhere - for the month of July. The problem I am running into is that internships are for college students or recent graduates. I am neither. I am trying to find a way to get back into the workplace, and I hope that offering to work for free for a month will help me to get some experience and learn what skills I need to get hired.

4. Take my kids to my grandmother's house on the island of Inishbofin in Ireland, before the house is sold.

This is a dream that I am not sure will come true - but it's worth a shot. The whys and hows are still a little fuzzy. I spent the summer there when I was 16, and loved it. I want my kids to have that experience, even though they are younger.

5. Put together a gallery show of my friends' artwork.

I have some really talented friends. I want to celebrate them - and the art they create. Plus, it's a great reason to get everyone together to share and inspire. I would like the proceeds to benefit an arts program for kids, or maybe a scholarship program to pay for kids to attend an art camp. Im still working out the details in my head.


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