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A letter to Momma

I've noticed that it's really hard for me to draw on a large scale, becauce I usually prefer smaller dimensions like my DinA5 notebook. Now I want to force myself to work on a large piece of paper, to improve my hand's radius and to work on my ability to work with letters.

When thinking about a person to dedicate my letter to I felt bad about posting their name and adress online and thought of something fictional instead. In the video game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask some of it's sidequests consist of delivering letters to various characters.

The plan:

The receiver of my letter will be Madame Aroma, a pretty bold and fancy lady (I'll add a picture of her to my moodboard). She is caring mother, postmistress, leader of the "Carnival Executive Committee" and owner of the milk bar. Definitely an independent and busy woman ;)

I want the design for my envelope to be a mix of bold letters with "feminine" decoration. I'll use the colors orange and red as the leading colors and purple as a contrast.


1. Getting used to the tools

I started with the basics strokes. After a long way of hardship I became comfortable with curves and strokes and finally went on to browse throught the Speedball textbook. I found some nice sample



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