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A la Riviére

A la Riviére

Why A la Riviére?

I chose the name A la Riviére because it means "to the river" in French. I decided on this name because for many cities the river is the life force of the city. The river is the city's main resource that allows it to grow and flourish and when starting this brand I wanted it to encompass the city. I wanted A la Riviére to not only be a product of the inspiration of cities but be part of the city itself. A la Riviére is designed for the city and by the city. 

The Slogan

"Growing Cities". The river is what allows cities to grow and A la Riviére is trying to do the same thing by adding to the eclectic mixture of culture and art that cities are producing.

The Logo

The logo was derived from modern art forms and is designed to be simple yet contain gratifying aesthetics. It is easily recognizable and can be adhered to multiple forms of clothing.

Target Audience

This brand is made for the city goer and city dweller. Whether you live in the heart of the city or dwell in the suburbs and make the trip into the city every weekend this brand is designed for you. It is priced at $40 a t-shirt and $120 a button down to make it slightly more exclusive than streetwear but not as pricey as luxury clothing. Whether you are an avid skateboarder, a hip hop lover, or a fan of luxury fashion this brand is meant for you. It can get you featured on a street style blog or let you fly under the radar depending on how you wear it.

First Collection

The first collection is a broad overview of cities. It reflects the arts, culture, beauty, and politics of the city. Each peice represents a different facet of the city from the chaos of a busy street to the peace of a city's green space. I hope this collection speaks and inspires you. 


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