A la Mode

A la Mode  - student project

First off, thanks soooo much for this class! I've wanted to do lettering for so long but usually gave up when it came to digitizing the sketch. The pen tool and those dang curves not being smooth always gave me trouble. This class helped so much and made tracing the letters even a little bit fun. 

I created a logo for an ice cream shop that i've always wished would exist. It's called "a la mode" and they serve ice cream on all different kinds of delicious baked goods and it would basically be heaven.
This is my first go at it so things are still a little weird and need some tweaking. Here's what i've got so far..

A la Mode  - image 1 - student project


A la Mode  - image 2 - student project

A la Mode  - image 3 - student project

Rebecca Wood
Pizza Connoisseur/Graphic Designer